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Madrid, Spain


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Dubsoul is the product of a union between two young djs/producers residing in Madrid, Spain. Jaime Menor and Javier Calero.

They both started their careers independently as resident dj’s in Madrid’s best-known and respected clubs, such as Pacha and El Divino, for over 6 years. They coincided in a party in 2004, where they shared musical concepts and visions, and then decided to start their professional career together as DUBSOUL.

DUBSOUL is able to collaborate with distinctive artists such as Kevin Swain (Plastic Fantastic, UK, Shinichi US) or Kai (Yoshitoshi US, Alternative Route UK) in their professional recording studio, located right in the center of the capital. These collaborations have made DUBSOUL’s productions become highly supported and played in the short run by well renown artists such as Deep Dish, Sasha, Satoshi Tomiie, Steve Lawler, and many more.

When it comes to live music, DUBSOUL offers an incredible repertoire of music for over 5 hours, with sets that are characterized by innovative, advanced and sophisticated music for the every audience.

In just 2 years, DUBSOUL has left its mark playing in more than 30 cities of the world.

Amongst its productions, it is worth to mention certain productions that stand out, such as (Above the Sky – White), (It’s so gone – White), (No Puedes Sentir – Orient Recs UK) and the Dire Straits hit remix ’Money for Nothing, which Deep Dish did recently their own version for their album “George is On”.

The wide acceptance and interest of the public for this young production duo is clearly reflected by their involvement in radio and newspapers at a national level (Dance FM, 40 Principales and Loca FM) as well as their television appearances at a local level (Canal 9 and Localia) making DUBSOUL being ranked amongst the top 5 dj’s/producers of Spain

DUBSOUL, with great projects and recognition behind them, will no doubt still surprise us each year and will continue to turn heads in clubs around the whole world.