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Dubfunk is the DJ and producer who becoming more unique every moment of his life, going solid steps in his musical experiment that he is always living, bringing back the total groove blending a genre which is known for its simple rhythms and tweaked structure: minimal with the sexiness of the Tech house & darkness of the Progressive house.

As well as groove, Dubfunk brings to his sound bits of emotions and spirituality that remind us of the glorious sounds of Northern Exposure back in the year 1997, which he considers one of the best eras of dance music history.

The Whole story starts back in his teenage period, where he has been influenced by glorious Rock & Jazz artists such as Led Zepplin, The doors, Nina Simone, Simply Red & loads others to mention, passing a revelation experience to reach into the divine intellect, which he considers the most important experience of his life.

Spending almost 8 years, developing more on the technical side, living his musical experience, where he was always experimenting new dimensions of sound & learning more everyday about music whether it s classical, jazzy or simply rocking stuff.

During this period he started to get interested about Djing & production side of the things, where he started to discover how it works technically & get use of his musically gained experience to create some new ideas of what he was involved in & always loved.

Only in the year 2002 where he started his first professional experience as a DJ, where he started DJing in his co-owned venue in Egypt, where he started to play some medium sized gigs to clubbers, not longer after is where this experience expanded, to have his residency at one of the Pacha franchised venues Pacha Sharm El Sheikh, rocking the main room fully packed with clubbers from all around Europe on weekly basis, & getting attention of some guest artists visiting the club.

2005 is where the decision came to move on to the international arena, where he moved to Switzerland, starting to build his own studio, creating his own musical elements & concentrating to start a new self experiment in production.

During the following 2 years, he started playing gigs around Europe, South America & of course back to his home town in Egypt, where he really set down a solid base as a DJ everywhere he played, but still his target was to deliver his own sound & not just play others releases.

During his first tour in South America end of 2006, he got a great influence of the region, specially Buenos Aires – Argentina, which he confessed that it is been a great inspiration to him, he returns back to Europe & starts working on productions, with his 2 first releases on his own label, the third just got signed to Mashtronic Records hitting charts & gathering supports from major artists, kicking off after on Global Underground with original productions, remixes & Mixed Compilations.

When asked about his experience so far, he comments, “The releases I produce never get wrote or even had been planned, it s totally my mood, my feelings & my own experience, I just sit in my studio & flow with the music for hours & days, the result is a new release that is absolutely personal with no exterior influence.”