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Take A Leaf EP

Take A Leaf EP


Label: be chosen
Release Date: 22nd December 2010
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Take A Leaf EP Tracklisting

Play Song 1. Black Market Original Mix DUALTON , RUTHIT 8:46 Download at beatport
Play Song 2. CPT Original Mix DUALTON 8:17 Download at beatport
Play Song 3. The Nuyorican Original Mix DUALTON 7:13 Download at beatport
Play Song 4. Black Market Plyd Deepinside Remix DUALTON , RUTHIT , SANTE , DOSDOS , PLYD 7:09 Download at beatport
Play Song 5. CPT Terje Bakke's North Remix TERJE BAKKE , DUALTON 10:25 Download at beatport