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In a scene in which it is difficult to stand out, managing to do so is quite an accomplishment. And that’s exactly what Dualizers did. They were the creation of Michael de Cuyper and Mattias Bulik, 2 Belgian music addicts who were already known as Cuyper and Ble3k.

One of the biggest factors of their success was that when they started they already had a significant musical background. They were both inspired by techno and hard techno since their teen years and they had built up a vast knowledge of the genres. They also had the unique capability to use their experience and expectations as a raver on the dancefloor to make their sets as interesting as possible. Every performance truly was unique and as a true hard techno lover, you could easily recognize familiar sounds but rediscover them in a new package, story or form. Unfortunetaly, due to ear problems, one half of Dualizers known as Michael de Cuyper had to stop. Because of that, Dualizers became a solo project, but not long after that a new opportunity appeared. A young Slovakian DJ, named Matthew, who he already knew from the internet, came along. That’s when Mattias Bulik suggested to try and play together. It all started at a party in Tielt – Belgium, and although they have a different style, it seems to work perfectly. From this point on, there will be no way of stopping these two talented dj’s. That’s why they agreed to work together. They are now known as Locomativ.

Conclusion: locomativ is a motivated new duo in the hardtechno scene and the combination of these two dj’s will blow you away!

Rocked the dancefloors at :

- Selvatek Festival – La Selva Del Camp, Tarragona SPAIN

- Ruhr In Love Festival – Oberhausen, GERMANY

- We Call It Criminal – Bögen2 Club, Köln GERMANY

- Hard Beats Festival NYE – Sunset Club, PORTUGAL 2012

- Sagitarius Festival – MIllenium Cosmic Club, SPAIN 2011

- Sagitarius Party – Blau Club, SPAIN 2012

- Psychodrums Bday – Agora Live, Valencia SPAIN

- Electronic Music Edition Presents Dualizers – City Dance, LUXEMBOURG

- XT3 Techno Radio – Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

- Liberty White Chronicles 2011, 2012, 2013 – Flanders Expo, Ghent

- The Qontinent Festival 2010, 2011, 2012,2013) – Ghent

- Liberty White (2009-2011) – Waregem Expo, Europahallen Tielt

- City Parade (2010 & 2011) – Brussel

- Elements Festival 2011 – Brugge

- Liberty White – Lagoa Club 2012

- Frank Kvitta Bday Belgium (2010 & 2011) – Lagoa Club, Club Basic

- Ivee Bday – Cherrymoon Club

- Suburb Soundz Hardtechno

- Footworxx

- The Manu Kenton Reunion

- And many more..

In 2011 they released there debut track on Gnot 15, the personal label of friend and well known deejay/producer Greg Notill.

This summer, Greg Notill vs. Dualizers – Introspection, will also be released on the massive Combat Skill label.

Releases :

Gnot Special 12 – Audio LSD5 EP

Gnot15 – Black Liberty EP

Technosforza : Netherland Hardtechno 2