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D Sturbd

Chicago, United States

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“Spend 15 minutes with me and you’ll understand how I got this nickname!” – DJ D-Sturb’d

DJ D-Sturb’d has been bouncing around the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana club and party scene for 15 years, mixing all genres of music from Freestyle and Heartthrob back in his early days to the dance anthems that now pack the modern-day dancefloors. Starting out on this journey as a roller-rink jock while still in high school, he developed the ear needed for beat blending just about any genre. Since a roller rink isn’t really a place to learn how to pack a floor, D-Sturb’d moved on to the mobile business. At this level, he taught himself how to read the crowds at weddings and private parties to figure out what everybody wants at that precise moment to keep the floor jam-packed.

After having the mobile scene down to a science, he needed more. Enter: The Club Scene……. D-Sturb’d started spinning at a club he was a door host at on a night there was no DJ there, working for free dinner and tips. He pushed forward from there, never taking “No” for an answer. D-Sturb’d landed weekly residencies for the largest entertainment corporation in Chicago. Their establishments include: Excalibur, Vision, Leg Room, Alumni Club, Cadillac Ranch, Dick’s River Roadhouse, Famous Freddie’s and several others. Along with those, he has spun guest spots at many other establishments, including Mission/Medusa’s (Elgin, IL), Bella (Chicago), Gipsy (Las Vegas, NV), Hard Rock Hotel Pool (Las Vegas, NV) & Wet Grooves Spring Break (Austin, TX & Clearwater Beach, FL).

You have been put on notice, people…….. Now, just shut the [email protected]#k up and dance!