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Sarcelles, France

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In 2003, the DSL brothers released their first «J.A.Y.M» album, a Hip Hop album done with rhum & xtc. After a bunch of mixtapes and shows all around France, DSL disapeared of my GPS.

All we know from DSL is that they drink a lot, this is probably due to their west indies roots, and they also drop sharp beats this is the asian side I guess…

In 2008 it was time for them to shine. At he begining of the year they joined Ed Banger Records and released «Invaders», their first EP on the label. The 12’’ included remixes by Djedjotronic & Busy P. A few month later they dropped «Find Me In The World», a downtempo contribution to the «Ed Rec Vol.3» compilation, mixing hip-hop and trance keys, it was long before !

The three brothers are now back with their second 12’’ for Ed banger records «Stupid Bitches», which defines their sound better than ever and affirms their personality among the Ed Rec roster.