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Caracas, Venezuela

Drum & Bass


Drowsyd was born in Venezuela in 1984. In 1995 he began to listen to Drum&Bass music and he immediately loved it. He has participated in parties in Venezuela with Patrik Skoog (Swe) (I love Techno) and Danny Wheeler (UK) and other local parties.

He’s now using the Reason 3.0 music tool and he edits on Cubase SX to make his own beats. He’s been producing music since 1998. He has played in every major city and many in-between, and for his surgically precise and devastatingly dramatic producing skills, he’s constantly booked.

Francisco played bass in a music school from 4th through 8th grades. He became a bassplayer in junior high, learning moves and sounds from parties, and using his own melodies and beats; he’s surely a weapon of mass destruction.

In 2004/2005 he released his first album (Demos) and used a couple of songs for a project called Chicas-productions, an international production company with the support of

Carl Cox, Dj Ram,Dj Karim, LordFunk and many more. He has been booked to release D’n’B songs by an international label called TwistedNoize recordings(UK).

His crew called NHC (National hardcore Community) exists since 2000 and it’s still growing with 3 producers and 2 dj’s.

To further promote solidarity in the Venezuela Drum and Bass scene through various joint projects such as mix-CDs, tours, and original music.

Here in Venezuela Drowsyd and NHC Records are ready to show the world that in Latin America (Venezuela) drum and bass/Spiral and Gabber/Speedcore can go beyond our frontiers.