Driule Xl Beatport


DJ DRIULE XL has born in 1982 Vilnius, Lithuania.He started his DJ career when he was 17. A couple of years passed as he was gradually involved to the local club movement. His talent has rocketed him from small local venue to the biggest clubbing scenes in the Lithuania and Europe, his name becoming a trademark for an impressive, memorable and every time different event. He is one of the few dj’s in Lihuania who are booked and playing abroad so often. In 2004 he won DJ competition (Dj Lyga) & took first place. After in 2006 Lithuanian DJ championship took a second place. He played in all the biggest & prominent clubs and events of Lithuania. Experimenting with music and sounds settled that Driule’s XL style is a real cure for clubbing gourmand with a guarantee for sexually charged tuneful house, tech, and tribal house rhythms spiced up with progressive sound. He has the ability to mix tracks of different styles so that they sound like a single piece. Driule XL belongs to jung & new generation of Lithuanian dj’s and brings freshness in club culture. He likes to play melodically, full of energy house & bring to the people a very POSITIVE FEELINGS. His interest of giving his own innovative style to house music has enabled him to play with many big name dj’s in Bora Bora beach, Amnesia,Penelope clubs in Ibiza, B.Box or Oxygen clubs in France, Arena in Germany, Poland, Russia and many more. Driule XL has his own recipes and tricks for getting people high on any dance floor, regardless of the size of the venue. The way he serves up the music can be described as an explosive mixture of tracks where energy and emotions unite deejay and clubbers into a single throbbing entity. It is depicted by distinctive and powerful base lines, versatility of original samples and unforgettable vocals ’ all mixed by the creative hands of a DJ make the audience loose their time in rage of satisfaction.