Top 25k on The DJ List


Boston, United States

Progressive House

AKA: Andres Escallon

Dres Beatport


Almost every DJ comes from humble beginnings, and Dres is a perfect example of this. Born in Bogota, Colombia in 1978, Andres Escallon grew up surrounded by the sounds and rhythms of traditional Colombian Salsa, Ballenato and Bambuco. His father, an avid music collector, helped expand Dres’s taste by exposing him to everything from classic rock, to punk, new wave and British synth pop. It’s these sounds that helped forge Dres’s love for music at a very young age.

It wasn’t until college that electronic music finally made a lasting impact in Dres’s life. Having been a lover of the electronic elements found in the sounds coming out of england in the early 80’s (New Order, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, OMD, Information Society)…he immediately found the inviting sounds of dance music very welcome. Suddenly exposed to the culture and life that surrounded the dance music scene, Dres quickly became immersed in the thriving Pittsburgh rave scene. Party after party gave him heavy exposure to Drum & Bass, Techno and House. It wasn’t long before Dres’s CD collection was filled with Mix CD’s and compilations ranging from downtempo and triphop to house and two-step and trance.

Upon moving back to Boston, Dres involved himself immediately into Boston’s and New York’s underground club culture, and in 2000 finally invested in a set of turntables. He spent the better part of two years spinning records in his bedroom, handing out mixtapes to his friends but mainly enjoying a new hobby. In October of 2001 Dres took to the airwaves and was invited to submit mixes to a then, young Proton Radio. Later in January of 2002 Dres was offered a semi-monthly show and went on to become one of the first three original shows on Proton Radio.

His affiliation with Proton helped Dres to launch himself as a DJ in Boston, and in the summer of 2002 he landed his first Premier club gig at Boston’s notorious Roxy nightclub. In the following year Dres teamed up with fellow DJs Dave Wagz and Scott MacLeod and were offered their first residency at Boston’s Venu, nightclub. After a short run at Venu, Dres was approached by John Debo and invited to start a new night at the Infamous Axis nightclub, giving birth to “Square One Thursdays”. There he had the chance to play with such names as Steve Porter and John Debo and Demi of Deeper Substance. Also his monthly sets at Square One with Dave Wagz and Scott MacLeod made a huge impact on the Boston scene and within a few short months Dres found himself playing at Avalon, having played with Ali Ajami and Sasha.

In ‘04 Square One came to an end but since then Dres has gone on to play successful gigs in New York City, Montreal, Miami and is a regular feature a different events in Boston. It’s only been a short run but a lot has been accomplished by this young DJ. Finally getting his feet wet in production, the future looks bright for Dres.