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Rochester, United States

House, Techno

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A veteran to the Upstate NY rave and club scene DRED has been DJ’ing for more than half his life. As one of the pioneers of the upstate rave movement in the early 90’s he is a highly respected member of a group of DJ’s, Promoters, and party kids (now adults)still contributing to the seen who helped to bring the underground sounds to cities in NYS such as Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Ithaca and Binghamton. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s Dred moved his rave chops into the afterhours clubscene and began residencies at some of upstates most influential Nightlife scenarios. His notorious afterhours sets became legendary creating a cult “latenight” following taking huge crowds on journeys in to the next day with super extended sets. Also known as Joe Dred and currently the production moniker “ifelldown” Dred became known in the 2000’s also for his intricate live P.A. performances bringing a virtual “UFO” of analog gear and performing space house sets using sequence methods of years past to create and oldskool feel with a new skool edge opening and headlining for some major players in the live electronic scene at multiple parties and festivals. After over 20 years Dred is still at it, working hard to keep our scene true to its roots and keeping the vibe alive.