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Although an avid fan of the San Francisco underground rave scene since 1991, it wasn’t until her attendance at a highly overcrowded event in 1998 that Dina Lammon found herself trapped in front of a team of battling DJs. For the first time, she witnessed the way a DJ could use music and machine to manipulate flesh. It was an eye opening experience and the event filled her with a sense of musical rapture. It was an eye opening experience and the event filled her with a sense of musical rapture and a new life path was revealed.


Since that fateful night, Dragn’fly has evolved into one of the most highly demanded and respected DJs in the western United States. A classically trained musician since the age of 8, it didn’t take long for Dragn’fly to gain a solid feel of the decks and within a few months she was performing in front of hundreds of raging fans alongside SF-legend, Astral Matrix. The experience was hailed as an unforgettable one by the hundreds of raging fans in attendance and it marked a turning point in the career path of our heroine. Today Dragn’fly has a performance history that boasts over 700 major events throughout California, Washington, Nevada, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Wyoming, Nebraska, New York and Hawaii! On an International level; she has also been contracted for events as far as Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico, Brazil and Germany.


Known as a true “journey DJ”, Dragn’fly possesses an almost uncanny ability to read and rock any crowd and the diversity of each set performed has provided Dragn’fly with the opportunity to play top slots alongside a diverse list of world-renowned talent ranging from Paul Oakenfold, Timo Maas to hard house titans Jon Doe, Chris C, DJ Irene, and even DnB legends AK1200 and Aphrodite, along with many many more…

Dragn’fly couples a refreshing blend of progressively hard banging tech-trance with an aggressive-as-hell" mixing style and the result is a sound that is uniquely hers. The combination showcases a near frenzy of sound manipulation while she tweaks her EQ’s and shreds her vinyl, watching as her dancers rise and fall to ecstatic pieces on the dance floor. With each set, she takes her dancers on a journey through darkness and light with her sense of passion, energy and magnetism – qualities that consistently transform a room of people into a sea of whirling appendages and frothing activity: qualities that make them feel like they are truly alive.


Dragn’fly’s unique story and abilities have made her the object of several print and web zines and she’s even infiltrated Hollywood in 2004 as a featured artist for Higher Decibel, a television show that highlighted some of the world’s most distinguished DJs. Dragn’fly currently holds residencies with such esteemed productions crews as Shaolin of Sacramento, California and Lovetribe of Seattle, Washington. In addition, she has appeared numerous times at such Bay Area nightspots as 1015 Folsom, Mezzanine, and Paradise Lounge – and has repeatedly made headlining appearances at Qool Saturdays and the Looq Happy Hour hosted by one of America’s top progressive record labels, Looq Records. And if an average of 2 – 4 appearances a week weren’t enough, Dragn’fly has found the time to release 15 promotional mix CDs – most of them live recordings from featured events. Accordingly, one of her CDs, Dragn’fly presents Legacy of Kain, was released privately in 2001 by computer-gaming giant Eidos Interactive for the official premieres of Sony Playstation 2: Soul Reaver 2 and Blood Omen 2. Having reached such regions as South Africa, Russia, Scotland, Austria, Iceland, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Ireland, France, and England – it can be said that this is Dragn’fly’s most widely distributed piece of work yet and has earned her devoted fans on a worldwide basis. It’s hard to say what the future will bring, but one thing is certain: the sound of Dragn’fly is destined to be an instrumental force in helping to bring electronic dance music to a new level.