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Dr. Seizure

Pembroke Pines, United States

Drum & Bass, Hardcore / Hard Techno

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Hailing from Fairview, New Jersey now currently residing somewhere in South Florida, Dr. Seizure has not always been into EDM. Starting from the beginning he enjoyed listening to rap anywhere from mainstream to underground which he were he found Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic records and is still a fan of their music. Then rap wore him thin and he started listening to hardcore/screamo rock. At which time he also got up to sing with local South Florida bands such as DGBC, Robots & Butterflies, Unwanted Superheroes, and SecondSin. Then a wonderful thing happened a close friend told Seizure to go to a rave ( or event ) named Masquerave at Club Xit. From then on he was hooked going to mostly every event that gets put up.

Seizure likes to pull different genres into Hardstyle and Drum n Bass, which he enjoys seeing people dance to. Ever since his first real live show Boo Bass, Seizure has put different bands/singers/rappers into his mixes such as Lil Jon, No Doubt, and Linkin Park remixes. He finds it rather interesting to throw that in there to show his earlier sides of life before EDM took over.

He has been in the mindset of spinning for 5 years but quit for 2. Now that he is back he is ready to see all you beautiful people dancing and showing what PLUR is all about.