Top 5k on The DJ List

Dr. Rude

Amstelveen, Netherlands

Dirty Workz, DWX Bounce, HARDwithSTYLE
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The combination of diverse styles makes Dr. Rude one of the most versatile DJ’s in the Benelux.

The Dutch crowd is mad about his oldschool, early rave and present hardcore-sets, but abroad they are also loving his French tek and Belgian beats-sounds.

To make this very thing clear: you can’t put this man in boxes.

He manages to rock every party: beatmatching, scratching and becoming one with the audience makes this DJ the right man on every place.

Always ready to cure a party that is about to become a flatliner, or just making you feel even more better: Dr. Rude is the answer to all your enquiries.

But beware: a longlasting treatment could cause some serious fatigue problems, since you can’t stand still on his beats.

You have been warned… Dr. Rude is a partycrasher!