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Valkenswaard, Netherlands


Hello Fans,friends and followers

here is a short story about Dozer(Tony van Boxtel) also known as djTony

in the year 1990 Tony starded as a resident dj in major clubs arround Eindhoven! his hometown that days!

House music was his style, and in that time it was a large bread of different styles as we know them now days!

at the end of the 90,s (1998) Tony was starting as a resident dj at the well known dutch club de Rodenburg!

and he was focust on the harderstyles like jump and hardstyle! in 2003 he was starting to work at the famous dutch records store,

Freaky records, it was also the home base of freaky music with the record labels Superplastik and Fusion records!

short after that time he teamed up with michel Pollen and the first djTony realeses where a fact! a lot of massive hard jump tracks followed on superplastik from djTony! in 2007 tony starded a new artist name called Dozer! and was focust on only hardstyle!

his first release also made with michel pollen (the church of the dark side) was a smashing world wide hardstyle bomb, and played by every major ,

hardstyle dj at that time!

Dozer and as DjTony , he played on all major events on festivals and clubs world wide!

in 2011 Tony and michel broke up there teamwork!

in 2012 Tony was teamed up with his good friend Bob van der Palen , and they where gonig to produce the new dozer tracks,

the first big released result was (Dozer – The journey) the anthem of the big harderstylesw festival LastWorld 2012!

as Dozer and Tony he played world wide on all the majos clubs fesivals and other,

major events…

beside all this tony was also the owner and host together with Mitchel den hartog (The Dizzorder) from the world famous 2Dangerous radio show on Fear Fm! the worlds first real live hardstyle radio show with all the well know famous hardstyle artists as guests in there show!

fear fm is gone know days, but Tony and Mitchel are still playing a lot of gigs as the @dangerous dj team!

also is tony teamed up with his friend tobias, with there act Floorfillers! where they play all EDM styles from the 90,s till know!

also Tony ,tobias and Mitchel are doing every 2nd friday of the month a liver EDM radio show on GlowFm!

called the TMT radio show where everything is possible in the world of EDM!

now day Tony starded some new collebs with Melvin and Bob for new Dozer tracks,

coming soon!

follow Tony.Dozer and all his other projects in the world of EDM here :