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New York born DJ Dove, began collecting records when he was eight years old. Born to Cuban parents, his love for music began at home, growing up surrounded by Latin rhythms and soul. A self proclaimed “hip hop junkie,” DJ DOVE was introduced to house music by his brother at age seventeen.

His DJ career started with a gig in a small bar in Hoboken, NJ mixing house, classics, R&B and hip hop. His talents take him to spin in Canada, England, France and Germany, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Switzerland, and Holland at venues such as GARAGE CITY, HARDTIMES, THE LOFT, and ANGELS OF LOVE.

His domestic gigs are predominately on the east coast and in cities where true house is appreciated. As HOUSE/DANCE music goes through transition, so do DJ’s styles. DJ Dove is a true chameleon, and is constantly recreating himself. DJ DOVE has deejayed in many states in the United States, mixed at such hot spots as THE TUNNEL, SPEED, ZANZIBAR, and PROBLEM CHILD. He has deejayed with TOMMY MUSTO, DJ DISCIPLE, TODD TERRY, and was the guest mixer at SUBLIMINAL, ERICK MORILLO’S New York industry party. DOVE currently deejays with ROGER SANCHEZ at New York’s SPY BAR CLUB. DOVE has been featured in music magazine articles many times, including MIXMAG, and a cover feature interview in DJ TIMES. DOVE has also begun his bimonthly residency at CLUB RED in Washington D.C.

In 1990, DJ DOVE began his radio career as in radio career as an intern, and produced, hosted and spun on his own mixshow every Tuesday from 11pm-2am on WPSC (88.7 FM) in New Jersey. “The DJ Dove Show” had interviewed most of the top artist/producer and DJ talent in DANCE Music. He was also a frequent guest on DJ Disciple’s “NEW YORK’S BEST KEPT SECRET,” New York’s only prime time mixshow, on WNYE (91.5 FM). In his journeys to Europe, DOVE has mixed on Galaxy 101, KISS 105 and “THE BOBBY AND STEVE SHOW” on KISS 101.

DJ DOVE’S upcoming projects include projects such as DJ DOVE MEETS INAYA DAY SINGLE “I’M TOUCHED” for Catch 22 Recordings (DJ Disciple’s label) and DJ DOVE FEATURING ANGIE JOHNSONILLUSIONS” for Club Tools/EDEL. He also has other forthcoming projects DAWN TALLMAN, RHYTHM MASTERS, ROGER SANCHEZ, and more.