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“Going Back 2 Vega$” video from the 2013 upcoming movie “Speed Dragon”

Jovial song about Doubl3 Gg’s experiences working and partying in Las Vegas!! N-Joy!!

When Doubl3 Gg performs in Hollywood clubs party people go crazy!!

Doubl3 Gg


“Doubl3 Gg”, A DJ (34 years), an EMCEE and a PRODUCER with credits dating as far back as the early 90’s.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Doubl3 Gg’s DJing career started at a very young age. Although Gg’s hometown merely shadowed neighboring New York City’s pioneering efforts to promote DJs and radio mixshows, he was still able to aquire a considerable amount of skill and dedication for the talent.

A sudden and unexpected move to New Orleans, Louisiana in the early 90’s didn’t down shift his gears at all, but instead introduced Gg to a whole new music culture which included Jazz, Zydeco and up-and-coming Dirty South Rap. These three new influences propelled him to launch his first independent solo debut album entitled ’It’s On’ under the name ‘Damage’ in 1996.

Doubl3 Gg was introduced to the techno/house genre in 1999 and began producing a ‘HouseMixx" series of albums under the pseudonym ’DJ Precise tha RoLLa’ (later ‘DJ MC KR1MnL Damage’) spanning over a period of eleven years.

The success of the ‘HouseMixx’ series didn’t encourage Doubl3 Gg to put the mic down though. During a groundbreaking 2 year MCing run on the world’s famous Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Doubl3 Gg was invited to showcase his talent in Los Angeles, California for three major labels and instantly fell in love with the city. Around that same time, Hurricane Katrina suddenly and instantly rearranged Gg’s life; but instead of fleeing to a FEMA funded facility, Doubl3 Gg headed west to pursue his craft, IN HOLLYWOOD!!

Hollywood, of course, didn’t give in easily. So after three years of Emceeing on Hollywood Blvd., a remix of 2008’s famous song ’I’m in Miami, Bitch’ (which he called ’I’m @ the Flat, Bitch’) gained Gg considerable notoriety as a talented MC on the circuit. That same year, later that summer, a follow up original song entitled ’Let’s Go Chop It Up’, which was produced, written AND engineered by Doubl3 Gg, successfully sealed his talent as genuine.

Now with an official job working as a DJ and MC in the Hollywood club circuit, A job as Label Operations Manager for GROOVE NATION RECORDS Beatport division plus a new album due late 2013, Gg will reveal his talent. This new album has been produced with multiple international DJs from Los Angeles, California to Ibiza, Spain. So get prepared to be pleasantly surprised by the talent and antics of Doubl3 Gg!