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DO SHOCK BOOZE (Yoichi Hayashi)

DO SHOCK BOOZE (pronounced: Doushokubutsu) is the anonym of music project by DJ YOICHI HAYASHI who has built the career as rock band singer and guitarist since the late 90s.

His tracks which have the scent of creative melody and ethnic taste are attributed by modern psychedelic tech house. He has been the talk of the scene from in and out of Japan with his active international gigs and releases from highly renowned labels such as honorable German label TRAUM, Baroque Records of London, Bonzai of Belgium, and Aenaria Music of Holland. In 2013, he presented 12 inch vinyl records from his own label TOTEM TRAXX and it became an instant top sale and highly recognized in the industry such as music magazine in Germany De:Bug and so on.

In addition to YOICHI HAYASHI’s DJ style with high selection method conscious style where floor control is everything, live style which he only selects his own original remix tracks, freestyle play centering on ethnic rock, electronic, new disco etc. has called him a great reputation. As a guest mix, he has appeared in variety of popular radio stations such as official podcast of major labels, Proton Radio, Frisky Radio, and

In May 2016, his original album “MODERNIAN” which featured his vocal, acoustic musical instrument, and electronic music was released simultaneously by long established honorable German label Resopal Schallware and his own label TOTEM TRAXX. His new vision was ambitiously sent out to the world. To celebrate the release, he plans to hold the intercommunion tour to the major cities of Japan and Europe.

His dream, the boundaries of all the living thing is broken by the melody, it continues until when it jumps over it along with the groove….