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One of the most popular names in Israel when it comes to dance and electronic music, Dor Dekel has established his name as a powerful dj/producer in the last years.

After producing the biggest hit in Israel in 2007, after bringing back the 80’s most successful Israeli pop Diva, after remixing the biggest artists in the country, after djing in the biggest clubs and events in Israel, after providing official worldwide remixes, after working in the music industry and in the biggest radio stations around its quite clear that this hit machine is unstoppable

Even though he has been around for a decade he always says “I’m just getting started”

Dor lives in Tel Aviv. A quick look at his resume well show that he has been dealing with music since forever As a radio dj he worked on radios such as Reshet Gimmel (Israel’s national music station), Radio Darom, 102FM (Eilat), and currently on 100fm. As a DJ He has played in some of the hottest clubs in Israel such as, Alenbie 58, Zoom, Forum, Ku, Platinum, etc, as wll as in some of the biggest raves & events, such as the Gay Parade, Independence day rave, ‘Esc the red city’ rave and many more. As a music businessman he worked for the international Dance department of HELICON RECORDS, Israel distribution of Virgin and EMI records. As a producer, the Yoav Gera’s “Sound” school graduate in sound engineering remixed and produced some of the hottest names in Israel (Ivri Lider, Yardena Arazi, Shiri Maimon, Roni superstar etc), remixed some hot club tunes from around the globe (“Sattelites”-Sweden, “Goin up”-USA, “Falling”-UK), and created some smashing club tracks (“Boys of freedom”, “What you do to me”).

Recently Dor also teamed up with singer/songwriter Noy Alooshe and formed the group Hovevey Zion, which brought the biggest hit in Israel in 2007 “Rotse banot”. The song is the hebrew version of “Boten Anna”, re-written and re-produced by the two. It was also chosen to star a TV commercial for a big cellular phone company.

Dor was also in charge of the comeback of Israel’s biggest 80’s Diva Yardena Arazi, after producing a new high-energy remix of one of her hits, and brought her back to glory. the song was one of the most played dance songs on radios and clubs in the last year.

Its been a long journey for Dor Dekel, and still long way ahead. To put it in his own words hes just getting started