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Known for his unique production, sound engineering and live mixing techniques, Dooz is an international talent. Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt Dooz fell in love with music at the early age of six when he started taking piano lessons. At twelve he received his first certificate of music from the Royal Academy in London. Shortly after he began playing the drums and percussion and joined a variety of bands to gain broader knowledge in music. But it wasn’t until Dooz saw videos of some of the top DJ’s in the world perform that he became fascinated with an inspired by electronic music. Determined to follow in their footsteps he bought himself a set of decks and began to apply his knowledge of music to matching, mixing and producing beats.

Dooz’s background in music and the fact that he began DJing at such an early age had its advantages. He soon found himself working at some of the most prolific clubs in the Middle East including Pacha Sharm El Sheikh, Ministry of Sound Hurgada, Little Buddha Sharm El Shiekh and Crobar in Lebanon.

After a couple of years DJing in the Middle East Dooz decided to relocate to the United States to become more serious about his music career. H spent his first couple years in Scottsdale, AZ before moving to San Francisco, CA where he enrolled at Pyramid, one of the best sound engineering and production schools in the country. While there, he worked with some of the best engineers and producers in the world perfecting his craft. He also began a yearlong residency at Supper Club and earned a spot in the 2008 Love Festival where he was able to work alongside some of the most talented DJ’s in the industry.

Shortly after receiving a Masters Degree in the Art of Production Dooz moved back to Scottsdale, AZ where he met and began collaborating with his studio partner, DJ Tranzit. Together they have completed a number of productions and been signed to several labels. Their first two EP’s “Nothing but a Dancer” and “2 Red Please” were released on 12 Inch Recordings out of Germany. Their third release “Obsession” was signed to Ron Reesers label, Jetset Music in San Francisco. Charted by DJ’s like Colette, “Obsession” was recently played for over 5 million listeners on DJ Riddler’s Adrenaline Mix show for Sirius Radio. Their fourth track, a remix of Plasma Records, “Nightmare” recently made the German labels Top 10 List on Their 5th track, “I Used To” was released on Egypt’s Purple Edge Recordings and has over 6 remixes available on Their most recent collaboration, a remix of DJ Scotty Boy’s 4AM in Vegas was played and distributed all over Miami at this year’s Winter Music Conference.

Today Dooz stays busy traveling the Southwest as a birdHOUSE artist, rocking Arizona’s club circuit, working with his partner and mentor DJ Tranzit in the studio and producing his monthly podcast Disturbance. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to book one of the industry’s upcoming, rising stars.


Tenure: DJing Since 2004

Annual Gigs: 100+

Style: Progressive House, Electro House, Tech House


Pacha Sharm El Sheikh

Ministry of Sound Hurgada

Crobar Lebano

Little Buddha Sharm El Shiekh

Supper Club San Francisco

Love Fest 2008 San Francisco


Jetset Music (San Francisco)

12 Inch Reordings (Germany)

Purple Edge Recordings (Egypt)

Plasma Pool Records (Germany)

Interscope Records (USA)