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Latorrata Donato, alias DJ Dony Pikòta, class of 1993 is a young DJ-producer born in the province of Taranto.

Meet his passion for house music at age 11

fun to mix tracks and add his own.

Slowly, his passion grows and begins at the age of 15 years to take his music career

playing as a DJ at birthday parties and small clubs in the country gaining experience in the arts.

Donated in 2009 discovered the need to create a style all its own

and then the pleasure of making music. It puts the work once published

while his first ep “THE CRUELTY OF THE DISC” Tarantula records with the label,

and a single on the compilation album ’Miami Music Week 2011 "with the label Sheeva Records

becoming a young professional.

After just 2 months from first publication, it is their second ep “ANIMO GREZZO” with the label WDM group

2 months after that comes another ep “SIMH ZANN” issued by the WDM group yet. Now establishing itself more and more continuous in music

in effect becoming a DJ-producer.