Donatas Homepage


From childhood Donatas took a great interest in music.

But in difference from the majority of contempoparies, to it liked not sweet songs under a guitar, and a rigid electronic sound. Such music in the middle 90’s to get it was extremely problematic.

Searching at friends and getting at friends to record in style trance or hardcore, Donatas formed the taste and musical preferences. Its first idols were Klubbheads and DJ Jean.

Now DJ Donatas already has solid experience, in fact it plays more 10 years.

It is necessary to notice, that for this time it has not changed to the sights and has remained is true to electronic music, giving preferences to such heavy styles as hardhouse,

hardcore and hardtrance. But, the success has come not at once, in fact in Ukraine such music did not enjoy mass popularity.

It is possible to say, that exactly Donatas popularized and accustomed Ukrainian clubbers to a heavy electronic sound. DJ Donatas, is, perhaps the unique Ukrainian DJ which specializes on music in such style.

Acting in various clubs, improving the skill and increasing popularity, since 2000 have own radio show on radio devoted trance and Hardstyle. And from the very beginning of an announcement of radio DJ Donatas starts the radioshow .

In 2004 shaking set on the main stage of legendary festival has convinced everything, DJ Donatas – one of the best DJs in Ukraine.

Continuing releasing new albums, Donatas creates new tracks which borrow leading places in many charts.

DJ Donatas participated in many festivals of electronic music, in many it recognized as the best, he known on many musical tv and radio stations.

DJ Donatas is constant participant of DJ Parad passing in Ukraine.

DJ Donatas played with many masters in trance and house music, such as Darude, Axwell and many others…

In far 1995 it began with carrying out of school discos, now DJ Donatas is the welcome guest in any club.

Acting in the largest cities and countries, he wins the audience more and more.