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Don Hot

Miami Beach, United States

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At the puerile age of 12, Florida native Martin Carter received his first set of turntables. It was then that he discovered a talent that today is celebrated widely across the nation. Adopting the name Deejay Don Hot, he proved time and time again that his eager and blazing flame could not be extinguished. Don Hot debuted at house parties, small soirees and eventually progressed to weddings.

At the age of 17, Don Hot’s skill, motivation and fiery personality landed him his first major gig. He played for Young Jeezy at Revolution Night Club. This was only the beginning of a long list of celebrity clientele to come. A few months later Don Hot was booked at Revolution again to mix at the after party of Sean Paul’s concert.

By the time Don Hot graduated high school he was sure that being an entertainer is what he wanted to do. Don Hot was influenced by several south florida deejays such as King Waggy T, Money D(Don One), Slick Vick(Jam Pony Express), Uncle Al, and Dj Khaled. His greatest influence came from his own family. From the very beginning his Uncle taught him techniques on how to work the crowd and how to select and play music. He attributes his early success to his Uncle’s teachings, mentoring and guidance to him as a young deejay.

After graduating Don Hot began to broaden his horizons and has been booked for various venues both nationally and internationally. Don Hot has taken his acclaimed talents to Bahamas, Belize, Caymen Islands, and Jamaica. After 7 years of honing his skills, in early 2006, Don Hot joined the reputable group of reggae deejays, known as Hpnotiq Soundz. He worked alongside and closely with Marvelous and Palmer Stylez.

In 2010, in addition to entertaining, Don Hot ventured to practice his entrepreneurial skills. He started his own CD duplication and printing company known as 24hr Media. Since then his company has continued to flourish and grow.

Contrary to many dj’s, Don Hot is concerned with and caters to the feedback of his fans. He generates hit mix cds regularly. These mixes live way past their seasons and can be heard all across the nation. Don Hot takes pride in the work that he produces and settles for nothing less than the best quality sound. He understands the importance of being consistent, versatile and impulsive within the entertainment business. Don Hot has many plans for the future and is determined to turn his goals into accomplishments. Where ever you see this young entertainer you can be sure that he’ll be changing the atmosphere, blazing the fire and bringing you the heat.