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The early 80’s born near Cologne, the interest was for beats

very early and so quickly were the pots and wooden spoons abducted from the kitchen to tidy row to do with it. Really long one could not give, and so one day a drum stand under the Christmas tree. Now you could have been covered around the neighborhood on our nerves, inspired by Nirvana and Metallica first hammered hard in the coming years straight on until around ’96 to a Disc in the life of the Dompe lasting influence on him has occurs: The vinyl

But of course not only this black disk but the combination of these

Beat the unimaginable and the needle brought to light. Indescribable!

Turntables and a mixer were worried and quickly from then on there was quite 4 / 4 beat on the ears, and was clear after the first few nights in the warehouse of Cologne, the isses.

After countless hours of mixing in the living room came the first sporadic gigs.

2008 will be so he changed a lot the first own parties made in the electric kitchen,

a year later where he is resident. Otherwise much heard and seen much whether

Arena in Tresor Club in Berlin, or Douala in the castle or Rave at Nature One across the country, he was allowed to sound for quite a few dance floor

Of course, it was itching in your fingers to make your own beats, and so began Dompe

to deal with the issue. After an eternity was felt then

the first release on the Rhine Time Records celebrated. Since then came on to add some

such as on the Pentagon, Italo BUSINESS or their own imprint Impulse Music.

His tracks by greats like e.g. Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna

or Someone Else dropped instead. Mid-year 2011 is then the first long-player

“beat back” on the program.

He makes clear on … come what may

Rave on