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Dominik Vaillant

Berlin, Germany

Tech House, Techno

Analogue Audio, Delayed Recordings, k:lender
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Dominik Vaillant, born in November 1980 in the south of Germany, started his musical experiments very early. in 1990 he formed his first band; three years later, they produced their own his first record.

In 1995 the tides turned and electronic music found a way into his life. He started deejaying in 2001. However, spinning records didn’t keep him happy enough. he knew he wanted more, so it obvious that he began producing music with an old Atari and a synthesizer.

With his move to Berlin, he also started his first live project, “Stromtherapie”. shortly they had first vinyl & cd releases with local labels.The next big step was in 2009/10, his first release under his own name " Domink Vaillant" on Delayed-Rec/France, Straight Music, Texas.

Further releases with labels such as “k:lender recordings berlin” and “Das Ohr Digital” were all successful and lead to many Live and DJ performances. His releases as well as his remixes became very successful.The upcoming year looks very promising. Currently, Dominik is working on his first album which will feature a unique sound, with impulsive basses and a groovy sound; the typical undeniable Dominik flair.



[email protected]

+49 (0)176-74943740



[email protected]

Eberswalder Straße 32, 10437 Berlin

+49 (0) 30 – 440 522 37



  1. Analogue Audio
  2. k:lender rec.
  3. k:lender limited
  4. style rockets
  5. Non-Logic
  6. Ametist rec.
  7. Das Ohr Digital
  8. Straight Music
  9. Delayed rec.
  10. etc…



  11. bullit München
  12. vinylbar ffm
  13. club digital ffm
  14. Fuhrkpark Berlin
  15. Maria Berlin
  16. Tresor Berlin
  17. RAW Berlin
  18. K-pax Berlin
  19. M.i.k.z. Berlin
  20. Mädcheninternat Berlin
  21. Club le Dom Lindau
  22. Laguna Donau
  23. VCF Berlin
  24. Unsichtbar – Saarbrücken
  25. Blau Nite Club -Saarbrücken



  26. Orsola (D,Vaillant Rmx) – Non-Logic
  27. BabyVocie – k:lender recordings
  28. Silver Tongue Devil – k:lender recordings
  29. Octagon shock – k:lender limited
  30. Stomach Crunching – k:lender recordings
  31. Housebesuch (Dominik Vaillant Rmx) – Ametist Records
  32. BottleofLaid (D.Vaillant Rmx)-style rockets
  33. 2Finger Joe – k:lender recordings
  34. Deep Done – straight music
  35. Tales of India (D.Vaillant Rmx)- das ohr
  36. House of Pain (DVaillant Rmx) – k:lender recordings
  37. Frankfurt (Dominik Vaillant Rmx) – iridium records
  38. etc…