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Doert & Haezler

Berlin, Germany

House, Tech House

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Micha M. & Hardy S. aka Dört & Häzler met early on in their lives and have achieved the perfect symbiosis not only at the turntable, but also when producing electronic sounds.

At the age of 12 Micha started getting involved in music and it was due to spending years at music school that he acquired a knowledge of musical notes, harmony and keyboard instruments. As a result, he also developed a good ear for melodic sequences and composing his own songs.

Through the influence of his brothers he soon came in contact with 4/4 techno beats. The first homemade tracks were made in 1999 and have since evolved continuously.

Harmony, melody and sympathy are Micha’s main characteristics.

Early on in his life Hardy S. was confronted with an eclectic array of music. Hardy’s father with his outstanding taste been a major influence and contributed to Hardy’s approach in music production.

Hardy is known for his rhythmic understanding, weird sounds and his own interpretations of music.

Through a cross-section of friends Hardy and Micha got to know each other at the turn of the millennium. They soon realized their similarities and love for music which in turn resulted in a long lasting friendship.

Since the duo has been working together for many years, they have created a perfect combination of harmony and rhythm. This is reflected also in their sets and production, because the similarities are meshing directly into each other and merging into one.