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Docta Dawe

Orlando, United States



Docta Dawe, 21, hails from Orlando, Florida bringing his own unique style of funky break beats with a twist of ghetto and disco funk. His on cue mixes and serious scratching techniques is what sets this Boston native apart from your everyday break beat DJ. To say the least, his signature style is what has made him a staple in the local club and rave scene.

The first instrument Docta Dawe picked up was a guitar, which he more than willingly set down in 2000 for two used Gemini turntables and an old Radio Shack mixer. With his newly acquired tools and non-stop practice and devotion, Docta Dawe spent his first year playing dozens of house parties around East Orlando. After he had mastered the art of house parties he moved on to the rave scene. Where he played at raves such as “Liquified”, “Imagine”, and “The Turntables Massacre”. During this time Docta Dawe had helped form Deafening Audio, a sound reinforcement and production company in Orlando. He teamed up with 8-year hip-hop veteran DJ Spillz to master his scratching skills.

Docta Dawe promoted, organized, or provided sound for some of the biggest events in Orlando last year including Bad Boy Bill @ The Bank Vault and Andy C and AK1200 @ Independent Bar. The Docta also played the Afterdark Records “Breakfest” party at club I/O in Miami during the 2004 Winter Music Conference. Breakfest alone featured over 20 heading Breaks DJ’s, Baby Anne, DJ X, and DJ Fixx, just to name a few. He also assembled the “Sounds Like Summer” party in Downtown Orlando last August featuring more than 15 of the best local and national DJ talent including Eric Berretta, DJ Knowledge and many others.

Dawe has had several residencies in Orlando. His current residency is at the Alpha Bar on Wednesday nights. Before that he had a weekly at The Haven with Deafening Audio partners DJ Philthy Phil and DJ Spillz, and at The Bank Vault with DJ’s J-Break & Wutam.

Docta Dawe’s latest project is directing his new production company “On Point Productions”. On Point promises to open a new chapter in the Orlando Dance music scene there is also a record label in the works. We look forward to seeing what’s next!

For now check out “Operating Tables”, Docta Dawe’s latest mix CD.