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All my life I enjoyed good music, started when I was 12 years old, playing flute, piano and guitar.

Hooked with some friends and putted out some gigs that came to nothing cause we all drew and grew apart.

Another style, another life… Liked Grunge, Punk Rock, Pop… My Favourite band is Nirvana and it’s my cult.

I was a huge fan and still am, till… till I went for the first time to Kremlin, listened to Tó Pereira (DJ Vibe) & Master G, and it banged me so hard that I felt the beat pounding on the floor, and the music flowing thru my body… And in that particular moment I knew that this was my calling to this powerful music…

I started to buy vinyl, and mix with turntables with no pitch, only with the strength of my fingers and the attention of my ears, feeling the vibes and the rhythms…

The first time I ever played live was @ Fábrica da Pólvora in a fashion show at 17 years of age, but I also played @ Via Láctea, Cosmos, Memorial, Rock & Nub, Santos & Sacrifícios, Pop Up Bar, Zoko, Second Life, Capuchos Bar, PTIT Bar, Clubbing, Yauka Bar, Afters at Bar do Rio (Fiés ao After), Adega das Caves, W and Absorv.

I have played with a few artists, like Henry G (2 Men Army), Trakanas, DJ Lane, DJ Phoenix, Daahnel, Yatchin, Joka Drums, DJ Hands, The Palms, J´s Style, DJ Mirtes, Kaiser T, DJ Edu, Nuno DiCosta, Aruzda, DJ Oscar Baía, DJ Hugo Andrade.

Released my first track along DJ Oscar Baía named Vaginazz, released at the 7th of September 2009 from Pandora Digital Records, also remixes from Bob Mileur – Show Me How You Dance, Siul Silva – People Around and Ricardo Espino – Forever.

At this moment is in a project called daHouseInTheClub, which was created by J’s Style (João Neves). This project was created to promote the work of Portuguese artists, which are in the electronic music middle of DJ’s and Producers.It began with J’s Style, and very quickly, followed the steps and knowledge of Dkult (Luis Rodrigues) that was the second acquisition. The third and final acquisition for this project was Takanas (Jorge Tracanas) that came to close this circle of DJ/Producers.

We intend to be not just one more Project, but yes strong Project that has the strength and power to show people in general that music is not ruled by only one standard.We give priority to the dark and underground styles, never forgetting the other styles inside House Music/Tribal and Tech.