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Sammy Benitez aka DJ Divina is a rising star and standout as one of Florida’s hardest working female DJs. Her energetic performances and vibrant spirit give her a rare stage presence that always captivates the crowd. As a former professional dancer, Divina doesn’t just hear music, she feels it. That allows her to understand the importance of playing for the crowd and satisfying their need to be moved by the music. Her format primarily consists of tech, house, techno, progressive and tribal floor fillers with her signature sound consisting of heavy bass lines, instrumentals and exotic melodies topped off with a subtle Latin influence.

A Miami native, Divina personifies the cities style, image and club sound. Of Cuban/Colombian descent, this combination fuels the fire that is Divina, and further accents her natural flair for rhythm, and instinctive ear for beats. A lifelong passion for music and dancing has led her to discover DJing as a profession and creative outlet. Her immersion in the EDM and nightlife scene gives her a clear understanding of this subculture and its drivers, which is always top of mind when she performs.

She began her journey as a DJ in 2007, overcoming the obvious challenges encountered by a female trying to break into a male dominated industry. She remained focused and drivien by her sense of purpose,—to become one of the world’s top female house DJs. Her determination and hard work is paying off. Divina is now widely recognized and in demand throughout Florida.

In her relatively short career as a professional DJ, Divina has achieved an impressive list of accomplishments. In 2009, she was featured in over twenty event flyers, promoting her performances in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa. She also held three weekly residencies in Jacksonville FL, which included Aqua nightclub, Café 331, and Studio nine. She was also a monthly resident for The Atlantic for their Summer Sundaze events at Jacksonville Beach. The producers of Perla Pool Parties in Orlando booked her as the first female DJ to headline one of their events.

2010 looks to be a very exciting year for Divina. On February 14th she’s been tapped by EnVibe entertainment to be their resident DJ at an exciting new Sunday night party in Orlando where she’ll work along some of the biggest names in global house music. Divina is also confirmed to perform at this year’s Winter Music Conference in Miami, playing at Club 50 downtown on Saturday March 27. Here she will be showcasing alongside: D.O.N.S., Milk and Sugar, David Vendetta, Dennis the Menace, Big World, Skyke and Sugarstarr, and Prok & Fitch just to name a few.

The look, the presence and the talent…Divina is a “triple threat” and a very much a star that’s on the rise. Her goals for the 2010 include expanding her growing fan base by bringing her performances to the global stage. The future is quite promising for this talented and determined artist. By yearend she will add the title producer/remixer to her resume as she is currently developing those skills.

Divina lives by her motto, “Life is too short to waste. Dreams are fulfilled only through action, not through endless planning to take action.” Expect to hear and see a lot more of her in 2010.