Top 50k on The DJ List


Melbourne, Australia

Hard Dance, Hardcore / Hard Techno


DISRUPTOR aka Mike Kirby bought his first decks in 2001 and spent every spare minute he had learning skills and tricks by watching and listening to DJ’s and producers that influenced and inspired him, such as: Hellraiser, Proteus, Master Kaos, A*S*Y*S and Bioserver. And also getting a few hints and tips from Dj Predator.

Recently completing ‘Masterclass 2’ (a course run by MASTER KAOS in Melbourne) DISRUPTOR has added scratching skills, beat juggling and other turntable techniques, as well as theory and history to his repertoire.

Currently undertaking ‘Masterclass 3 Bronze’, DISRUPTOR is absorbing all that MASTER KAOS is willing to offer, as well as coming up with some of his own tricks. Most of his spare time is spent refining his overall turntablism. These skills combined with his Dark and Dirty Industrial style sound makes for an individual and unique arrangement of mind bending mixes.

This proved evident at DISRUPTOR’S debut club set at BUBBLE night club on the 24th of April. Punters poured in from surrounding rooms as he took control of the wheels of steel and launched his SONIK ASSAULT!

With DISRUPTOR venturing into the world of producing, it won’t be long before he has his own weapons of mad distortion…