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Gloucester, United Kingdom

House, Progressive House

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I have been Djing for about 18 years now and have always tried new techniques for Djing I’m now part of the laptop Dj community which would offend most purists but remember I’ve been doing this for some time and things change lol. I taught myself to Dj using 2 none pitch controlled record decks from Argos and just used my hands to slow down and speed up tracks. I now Dj in Bristol with loops and hotstarts firing all over the place. My style of music is anything good if it works, I use it, from 90’s through to tomorrow my weekend sets are full of them and I pride myself on hunting down the best (or downright wrong) remixes. And just so there’s no misunderstanding I remix using loops and samples and rearrange them so they sound sweet with the vocals I choose.