Top 50k on The DJ List


Paderborn, Germany



Funky, bumpin’ and uncut fresh HOUSE music. Like a deep bit into a juicy peach made out of pleasure and passion. The exotic mixture of banging beats and bewitching beauty crowned with cream of finest candies. Taste the fragrance of sensual sensuousness … Follow me into my ocean of purest love for the sensibility of beats and harmonic melodies. Take a break and get a piece of my flawless strawberry short cake – it’s the BEST u can ever get.

The now in numerous house clubs well known, discohonk, was inspired by the prevalent club-culture during several stays in England. He felt the desire to explore his new-found passion. After his first steps in becoming a musician, his success grew and he became certain he had found the right line of work. Seeming born to do it, he caught eyes and turned heads with a bit of luck, talent and the right attitude. Shortly after, he appeared at various parties, and started to get some bookings and finally landed his first job as a resident DJ. Teaming up with bookers, some vital contacts within the press and DJ’s expanded his opportunities and his jobs started to spread out.

He couldn’t say exactly how he got the name, but he points out, that ‘disco’ does not represent the fluff, dime-a-dozen, cover music of the 70’s as his style. ‘honk’, on the other hand, signifies the energy he transpires to his audiences and the enjoyment he takes out of his work. He is confident that with time, will develop a phrasal like, ‘ooohhh’ he just honked me up’, but this is a difficult concept for him translate into words. This idea is best understood by the projected vibe of experiencing discohonk performing his passion. His intimate relationship with the music is easily interpreted from every exposition of ‘honk’. More important than playing it, is to live the music.

Describing his music often requires phrases like ‘a deep bite into a juicy peach made out of pleasure and passion’. With harmonic melodies, grabbing vocals and groovy beats, he sets audiences free. Feeding off of the returned energy of the audience, the peak of a show deepens into a barrage of sounds and emotions. He combines vocal, funky, deep and ambient house into a flawlessly functioning product. He is the arch-enemy of narrow-minded music derived from only one style. For him to even consider playing a track, it needs the potential to make ‘notoriously non-dancers’, like himself, feel empowered to dance as though no one is watching.

Making many stops along the way, the now exclusive booking DJ, discohonk, convinced the willing-to-dance visitors to get their money’s worth. Performing alongside of renowned artists like ‘Future Funk’, Benny Bennasi, Hans Nieswandt, Tomcraft, the percussion and saxophone duo ‘Phonk of Future’ and even Jennifer Rush, his goal is to trigger an unforgettable evening for the visitors.

That is exactly what he has been doing week by week for more than 8 years now. Though he performs enthusiastically at fashion shows, major events, on the radio or at the most extraordinary locations, like he did in a Church, he feels most at home playing in clubs. Being close to the audience and feeling the direct feedback in a comfortable, more laid back atmosphere drives him to maximum performance.

He has made various appearances at events like ‘Macht der Nacht’, ‘Union Crowd’ with artists like Sebastian Krieg, Boris Pantero, Deep Touch, Jesse James, Miss Thunderpussy, Steve Ming, Mark Brain or his DJ-Set on the RTL Television and Warsteiner stage during Cologne’s ‘Ringfest’ alongside Louis Osbourne, Joy Kitikonti, and many others.