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Lisbon, Portugal

Minimal, Tech House

vimana recordings
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Dirtyfatnoise is a project created by Dj Marcello from Portugal.

Marcelo started to play in trance clubs and underground parties, in Lisbon and around Portugal, such as, Lisboa Bar, House of Vodka, Bar Capitan Kirk, Psy Club, etc in the year 1998. Sometime after he started to play a more minimal progressive trance beat mixed with a little flavor of house music and techno grooves. He played in a few big parties for, Optimus Summer Festival, Hipnose Productions, with some huge international names like: Mahasuka, DJ Sebastian Kruger(SBK), Bamboo Forest, DJ Banzi (G.M.S.), DJ Sasha (Bitmonx), Dj Lars, etc? And Portuguese dj..s : DJ Manuel Lobo, DJ Pena, Dj Miguel Ferro, Dj Pedro Miguel, Dj Louis, Dj Diogo, Dj Ramnah.

Marcelo started to produced music with his friend, dj and producer Ramnah, Progressive Trance Music, under a few years he change to Techno and House style with a few other flavors of music in the year 2004. After two years the project was stopped because of work.

2011 He started to produce music again by it´s one and after a few months he got his first release by the label Elektronic Vibes the track Won’t Stop Saying feat. Eshar.

Since then he worked with other artists remixing and creating new beats and groovie flavors.

Like Sonbass, LOKI, Carlos C, Paulo Av, SHOUICHI NARITA, and many other.

for now he´s releases are with Vimana Records and Elektronic Vibes.