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Dirty Diana

Los Angeles, United States

AKA: Diana Vanessa

Bombeatz Ink
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LA’s Diva on the rise with her filthy beats and latin groove. House Music Rebel

██████ 100% -Strictly House & Rhythm ♫ ♪

It didn’t take long for DJ Dirty Diana to take over the house music scene after she first started performing at venues in and around Los Angeles, CA. In just a few short months, news about this hot, female DJ spread like wildfire and people from all over came to see L.A’s diva on the decks! Diana’s talent, undying love of house music and unmeasurable amount of music knowledge caused her career to explode into the spotlight- both locally and internationally. This created a buzz on the streets and in the house music and underground scenes. Known for her up-tempo, groovy beats tangled with a Latin flair, DJ Dirty Diana unique style continues to raise eyebrows, pulses and hands on dance floors across the globe.

As a Los Angeles area native, DJ Dirty Diana was blessed with great talent, exotic looks and an air of confidence unmatched by any performer in the industry today. As a child, Diana was a dancer whose talent and potential were recognized and embraced from a very early age. With her dancing background and music running through her veins, DJ Dirty Diana knows exactly what it takes to make you want you groove! Many of Diana’s musical influences stem from her parents’ Central American cultural values which have contributed to her blend of tribal and Latin beats. Her favorite musical influence is any song that reminds her of her parents or her Nicaraguan roots and usually includes music with a tropical, Caribbean rhythm along with instruments like the marimba, chicheros, congas or tambores. in 2011, DJ Dirty Diana’s talent was publicly acknowledged when her large and loyal fan base voted her the number 25 DJ in Los Angeles on the prestigious Vilack Music’s list of the top 50 L.A DJs.

Even though DJ Dirty Diana’s musical journey hasn’t been a walk in the park, her hard work, determination to succeed and desire to make a name for herself has earned her the respect that she deserves even in a male-dominated scene. With a solid reputation and professional attitude, DJ Dirty Diana continues to make special guest appearances on various radio shows, podcasts, live events and private parties along with monthly residencies at numerous L.A venues. It’s no wonder Diana is known as L.A’s hardest working DJ Diva! When asked what she would like to accomplish in her musical career Diana simply answered, “To have everyone believe in me so they can share this joy with me one day!” Diana never imagined that she would one day be playing the songs and sounds that she grew up loving for thousands of her very own fans! Even though it seems like just yesterday when DJ Dirty Diana emerged on the scene it is unbelievable how much she has accomplished in such a short period of time. The good news is that she has no intention of stopping anytime soon!

Don’t forget to check out DJ Dirty Diana’s event page or Facebook to see when and where you can catch her spinning at next!