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Diplomatic Enjoy

Sligo, Ireland

Breaks, House

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Music producer and DJ based in Sligo, Ireland (via New York, London, Hartford, Sydney. Los Angeles and Berlin).

Juggling house, techno, breakbeat, funk and anything that makes me feel good.

Have a LOT of upcoming music, debauchery, shenanigans, and whatnot. Music is fun, colours and electricity, loving it

Come originally from writing/playing/producing psychedlic rock and funk, until I realized I can’t play all the instruments live at once! Duh. So focused on the DJ side which has been omni-present, but consumption up till now, not production. That changes 2017.

Influences too many to list but include Daniel Avery, The Field, Butch, Evil Nine, Beatles, Truncate, Laurent Garnier, Bowie, Spacemen 3, Madlib. Anything that makes your heart pump and your mind glow…