TWO MALTESE guys ,Clint Calleja and Luke Duncan who met about 5 years ago in a typical Maltese bar at Marsascala ..... A normal friendship, hanging out, drinking beer but a... read more
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TWO MALTESE guys ,Clint Calleja and Luke Duncan who met about 5 years ago in a typical Maltese bar at Marsascala ….. A normal friendship, hanging out, drinking beer but always talking about one and the same topic..MUSIC, more likely PROGRESSIVE MUSIC and Technology until…..one day their ways had to be separated, Clint decided to study abroad and he left Malta for a year to study Software engineering in Germany while Luke continued his experiments on music production and DJing, using mainly software applications like DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) (Ableton Live & Cubase sx), loads of VST’s (some of which are Native instruments, Steinberg …) and other DJing software (Traktor, Virtual DJ etc), for his third consecutive year using software based technology.

One day, whilst still in Germany, Clint showed a deeper interest in music, deeper than simply listening to it, he felt the need to use it as an aid to express himself, and so he decided to start learning the art of Music…. but how?

Hundreds of kilometers away is not the best scenario to deal with, and is also quite challenging, for a DJing tutorial to be held, so they considered what could be of communication aid and realised that only on-line communication (such as msn, skype, ftp services and some others) was at their avail. Still determination was bigger than the distance and communication barriers and so it begun….

Clint did mixes followed by luke’s tutorials which were sent to him via FTP’s and Luke sent comments back. This went on for a whole 6 months until finally they were united to continue their workings together.

26 December 06, a small party was being held @ Poxx Bar in Paceville (Malta) and this was the first time they had the opportunity to play in front of a very small crowd, but their aim was one, to introduce their stage name for the first time on the decks in front of a whole crowd. It was completely successful working from software and computer connected hardware to Digital turntables. That night, the internationally known duo Tenishia (Cyprian Cassar & Joven Grech) were also in the house. This is where they realised great potential in these two talented upcoming musicians. This was where they were offered to use Tenishia’s massive high end technolog equipment located @ ‘Tenishia Studio’s’ for their own needs…thus bringing them more close to working in collaboration. From then on Tenishia realised that together they were both offering brilliant ideas and skills were improving on a fast pace.

This is when their decision was taken into action and their project name was to be officially DIPLOMATIC BROTHERS.


Diplomatic means (in short) the art of people doing things your way, and this is the way these guys work on affecting their crowd, in shorter words their main aim is to show people how to appreciate Electronic Dance Music and more than that, to actually feel it.

January 07, was the month where they were offered their first residency @ Plush in Paceville. In a few weeks time more people were gathering and feedback was being achieved. In February a new plan came into play, hosting a Saturday night with their colleagues TENISHIA, and so it was, the club chosen was Silk, with a quite suitable name I LOVE PROG, and from then on ……………….they proceeded with ground breaking music rangin from Minimal to Tech House up to Progressive…………and their journey began!!!

Their focus on Productions is quite massive, and not forgetting Collaborations and Remixes…………gigs are continuosly increasing………plans are still in motion…………..Diplomatic Studios on the way…..is this ever going to stop???

Their determination does not state so !!!!!!!!

The best is yet to come….so stay tuned!!!!!!!