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Dios Blanco

Sofia, Bulgaria

Progressive House, Tech House

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Dios Blanco is the commercial name of Bozhidar Belinski – formerly known as underground DJ – Crash. It all started in 2008. Walking around through the mass of people dancing on the dance floor looking alike – still stare, no orientation of time and space, not knowing that it’s been 8 hours of dancing taken by the wave of electronick music. This was the moment that he decides that his place isn’t that side of the dance scene. Every vibe coming out of the speakers going free in the air like an electon, looking to find its place among the mass of people and to form into a stunning sound … that is when you decide whether to be part of the faceless mass or its leader …

During summer 2008, Dios Blanco played a few gigs using his former alias in a local Nightclub called “Birhale” in Vratsa city. For the next two years he has been entertaining the house music community with a variety of promo mixes and in summer 2010 – through his own Radio Show in Power Mix Radio. In September 2010 he became resident in club Corner in Vidin which was a turning point in his career. Ever since he’s been playing gigs all over Bulgarian prestigious house clubs. The beginning of 2011 was revulsion in his career – he began taking his first steps in producing electronic music.