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The Artist formerly known as Dionysus

N2ISHION is the founder of Good Vibe Nation; he is also a promoter and a producer. This 15-year veteran D.J. from southern Louisiana has energized clubs and raves from New Orleans to Panama City to Cancun.

In 1995, a young college student was drawn to the dance floor by the sounds of local legend DJ Dr. Souss and others. The student quickly bartered a set of Technics 1200 turntables and a crate of Florida breaks from friend DJ DLUX. Dionysus was born, and 1996 brought on many weeknights of practicing at home, while weekends were spent anywhere he could get playtime. In 1997, while immersed in the New Orleans underground techno PLUR subculture he experienced the Chicago Hard House sounds of Richard Humpty Vission & Bad Boy Bill. Dionysus began banging Hard House. In 1998, his ever-expanding house vibe grew to incorporate Speed Garage. While 1999 brought U.K. Progressive Hard House to the U.S. evolving his style once again. In 2000, while in Cancun, Dionysus made contact with a promoter for Mexico’s underground parties. After reviewing many demos, Dionysus was one of only three Americans invited to the 2001 Sundance Easter Music Festival in Tres Rios, Mexico. The event was held on a Caribbean beach in the center of Tres Rios ecological park. 50,000 watts had DJs from around the world pounding house music far after the break of dawn. In 2002, Dionysus had the honor of sharing the stage with both Jocelyn Enriques and Serena Paris. He was inspired to create his first track Acid Music (2000). It is a dark, heavy peak, hour-long acid track with lots of tweaked samples; he remixed it in 2002 and again in 2004. Shortly thereafter, “Aint Nuttin But Noiz 2 Me” (2003) was created, a two-Step Drum and Bass track with big grooving bass lines, creative sampling, and lots of energy. Later in 2003, Dionysus released a sample CD for digital scratching and sampling titled “Bullets For The Digital Assassin.” Dionysus was a finalist in the 2004 Iron Man D.J Competition held at Club Aqua in New Orleans. As a promoter Dionysus threw a few parties in 04 to include “Toryplaooza” and “Erotic Underground” at the State Palace Theater. 2005 Dionysus transformed his DJ Name from Dionysus to N2ISHION. N2ishion started a new production company with Anton Zanki called 2 Dudes Productions. 2 Dudes promoted several events in 05 such as “Death by DJ-Innicent Evil” on Halloween night, Saturday night Sunday school. 2 Dudes also promoted the Alien Top Gun DJ Competition.