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Dio Zambrano, a Venezuelan DJ and Producer who has written and produced the hit song “South American Housers” in 2006, has become a world classic anthem. Dio has had much support from major DJ’s such as Robbie Rivera, Outwork, DJ Fist & Willy Sanjuán among many others.

With more than 10 years in the Venezuelan electronic scene, Dio Zambrano belongs to the DJ’s most prominent of his country. Not only has Dio performed all around his country, but he has been asked to start expanding his talent in other countries as well, since his audiences continue to dance to his contagious beat. Trying to describe his live production sessions is not easy, since he doesn’t follow a predetermined rhythm or lineal style. Dio’s sessions are the result of the energy he obtains from his crowds on the dance floor. Dio says, “It is the DJ’s task to put the dancers on the move; however, through my listeners, they will communicate with you indirectly as to what they desire to hear and then I execute it. I play the music that I enjoy, which distinguishes me, but I always have in my mind to formulate my audience to dance, so my crowd forever moves on the dance floor to my beat.”

When listened live, Dio mixes sounds and rhythms from Tech House, Electro, Progressive, Latin Drums and vocals to which all have been combined in such a way that the bass line doesn’t remain untouched, but fusioned, so people keep moving on the dance floor.