Dinamo Azari

Toronto, Canada

AKA: Azari & Iii

Dinamo Azari Beatport


You’re being watched. Your every movement is being logged. Your window to the world is controlled by big corporations. Everything about you is being tagged and labeled because data is a new form of currency. Looking good is valued over doing good. Reality has become stranger than fiction. News has become propaganda. Your identity is no longer yours… all this means is the world is more unsafe than ever. Yet, somehow, music has never been safer. One artist has had enough. He’s hungry for the power to be returned.

That person used to be part of AZARI & III, the influential electronic band who blurred the lines between sounds, scenes, styles and cultures as they repeatedly played all over the world. AZARI is a mysterious embodiment of free thinking and unrestrained creativity that is utterly honest and heartfelt. It’s a social experiment that aims to drive music—rather than the musicians involved—into new realms. Having proven his skills to the world, then, AZARI is focused on saying whatever he wants, however he wants to say it.

This project is a reaction to perfection and predictability, a reminder that you don’t have to fit in to function. It’s a return to the raw, expressive and rule breaking days of punk and acid house. It embodies forward thinking music, art and visuals that have the power to incite shock and awe. It’s for a generation that looks beyond labels. It’s a project that places equal power with all genders, sexualities and races, and draws in outsiders at odds with the world’s current categories.

AZARI will continue to serve up the deep, aquatic DJ sets that he’s renowned for, headlining shows at festivals like Exit, Sonar, Glastonbury, & Ultra — while bringing you to a new urban utopia with stylistic direction by Brooklyn cyber-art fixture James Moore. It’s unadulterated and uncompromising, and through sounds that are best described as expressive body music, it speaks on a visceral level. It draws inspiration from the carefree creativity of yesteryear and races into unknown futures where anything goes.