Zlatko Dimitrijević a.k.a Dimiz, born in Niš (Serbia). Professionally engaged in DJ-ing since 2000. His first big performance was in 2002 in the night club "Čair". He soon ... read more
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Location: Nis, Serbia Serbia
Genre: House
Labels: Balkan Connection, dont

Zlatko Dimitrijević a.k.a Dimiz, born in Niš (Serbia). Professionally engaged in DJ-ing since 2000. His first big performance was in 2002 in the night club “Čair”. He soon became the resident of the best known night events devoted to electronic music. At that time, together with the organization Shock the System and his own Agency Reconnected he was making very successful parties. Not long time after that he accepted the invitation to join now already legendary Mass Illusion team, with DJ Zaza, with whom he continued to intensively create the club night events in Niš.

After a series of remarkable performances in his home town, there followed tours throughout Serbia and neighbouring countries. He often performs with DJs/producers he finds most respectable: Oxia, Umek, Marco Carola, Valentino Kanzyani, Billy Nasty, Renato Cohen, Terry Francis… He participated in festivals, like Nisomnia, SEEME, EXIT, E-Tvrdjava… During the last two years Dimiz very successfully manages a multimedial agency Kondukter (which besides him includes Dzeriho, Dušan and DJs Ukor, zarEz, Joy and Wladimir urdoW ) and organizes night events called Electric Tuesday, Kondukter Nation, Kondukter Disco, presenting to the public of Niš the best world and national DJs/producers. Long-term DJ experience gained in the club, skills and mixing technique define his recognizable style in electronic music, evolving for years from tech-house, house and techno sounds to minimal, progressive and electro. Besides his DJ and promoting capabilities, Dimiz’s production is also remarkable, in his effort to present his unique sound to the public. Productions (editions) for Balkan Connection, USB, Mashtronic, Freasky, Proton could be found on many lists and in boxes of the best DJs. Together with original tapes, also notanle are his remixes for classic tapes of Ogi Gee Cash’s Nucleus and Tokio, and then unreleased remix for Roger Martines and remixes for Paul Folder, Thomas Sagstad, Stéphane V , Marrakech and Max Demand… Currently, he is occupied with preparation of a big number of editions for Balkan Connection label, in cooperation with the owner of the publishing company Ogi Gee Cash, and on the label he will promote new producers of Niš, such as Nakoch and Nemus. Every fourth Monday, from the noon to 3 p.m. (EST) he and Ogi manage Balkan Connestion Show on Proton radio, and every third Wednesday on Frisky radio (07 p.m. PST / 10 p.m. EST), presenting their, or their friends latest music pieces. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the “live” performance or to listen to radio broadcasts of DJ Dimiz!