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Dileepa Aponsu was born in Sri Lanka, Colombo, on October 20th 1986. He had an interest in music since the age of fourteen. When he was sixteen he decided to dedicate more time to it and began DJing . He then moved on to become a resident DJ at several clubs in Sri Lanka. known as Dilee D, is a House, Tech House, Progressive House, Funky, Disco, Deep,Minimal and Techno, DJ and producer of electronic dance music. Although he has used many aliases in the past, he is best known for his work as DJ Dilee D. On his latest productions, and is now known simply as “Dilee D”.

If you think is a new Sri Lankan producer on the rise, think again. Over the last decade, Dilee D has been at the top of his game as a DJ and producer , but despite enjoying a global reputation as one of the most evergreen performers in his field, times have never been quite as good as they are right now. Born in Sri Lanka Dilee D spent much of his youth and early adult life within the country. This exposure to different cultures gave Dilee D a broader outlook. This open minded outlook comes through loud and clear in the music he makes and plays. While his roots lie in House, Dilee D has never been a purist favouring instead to flavour the tough, rhythmical music he loves with heavy doses of funk or intersperse the raw energy of his sets with inspired moments of pure euphoria.

He’s a rare dance music artist that combines 4 years of studio experience (Dilee D started producing electronic music at the tender age of 17) with a strong background in classical training. He’s also an exceptional player of many instruments The result of this talent is an extensive remixography jammed with dancefloor bombs covering big room House, Tech House, Progressive House, Funky, Disco, Deep,Minimal and Techno. Just a handful of his compatriots that have been loving, playing and pushing Dilee D’s releases over the past decade.

As impressive as Dilee D’s achievements in the studio is his live shows. Much like his early start in the studio, Dilee D was well ahead of the curve in his choice of performance mode. He’s live performances need to be seen to be believed. Playing live on, his shows are a 2 hour plus epic journey through melodic House, Tech and Progressive. Luckily, given Dilee D’ current music mission, it won’t be too long before you experience the journey with him.

He has been a well know name among our clubbers. Over 5 years of experience in top ranked clubs (Clancy’s Irish Club as Resident DJ – Club Shine Colombo as Resident DJ – Club Mirrors Colombo as Resident DJ – Club D’s Colombo as Resident DJ.). In the short history of Sri Lanka’s electronic dance music scene, Dilee D has made a name for himself as one of the most influential and respected DJ’s in the country.

2011 has been quite a ride so far, he has realesed tunes under Besthva Record label. Which was a massive success in the clubs,beach party’s and also event’s. He’s remixes has being so far followed by -


‘’Apr 23, 2011’’ Tim Royko, Keemo & Cosmo Klein – Beautiful Lie (Dj Dilee D ReWork)

‘’Apr 2, 2011’’ Jean Claude Ades – Fly away (Dj Dilee D ReWork)

‘’Mar 17, 2011’’ Abel Ramos, E.M.A.N Feat Goncalo Deslandes – Close To Me (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Mar 3, 2011’’ Rony Seikaly & Dj Sava feat. Raluka – Love You (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Feb 25, 2011’’ D-Wayne, Mysto & Pizzi Feat. Jonny Rose – Where Is Love (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Feb 21, 2011’’ Dankann, Claudio Cristo, Andre Rizo Feat. Dustin Moon – House Lovers (Dj Dilee D ReWork)

‘’Feb 20, 2011’’ Baggi Begovic, Sebastian Krieg & Suzee X Feat. Peyton – Feeling Nina (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Feb 8, 2011’’ Cristian Moxt, Aboutblank & Klc – Feel The Love (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Feb 7, 2011’’ Armin Van Buuren, Daniele Petronelli, Hardwell Feat Van Velzen – Broken Tonight (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Feb 7, 2011’’ Woody Bianchi, Chriss Ortega & Adam Tas – When You Say Starring Ilana (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Feb 7, 2011’’ Ben Lb,George F,Eran Hersh, Darmon,& yoss – Falling Apart (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Feb 3, 2011’’ Hardwell, Alex Armes, Prok & Fitch – After The World (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Feb 2, 2011’’ Sebjak,Paul Thomas,Tiësto feat. Nelly Furtado – Who Wants To Be Alone (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Jan 28, 2011’’ Austin Leeds feat. Alexandra Stan – Mr. Saxobeat (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Jan 27, 2011’’ Craving feat Mossy – Beautiful (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Jan 23, 2010’’ Clubzound,U.M.Project fet Akcent – Kylie (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Dec 30, 2010’’ Mikael Weermets, Christina Skaar ft Cirez D – Love Is On Off (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Dec 29, 2010’’ Anton Pieete,Paul Ritch,Sebastian Reza fet Bon Jovi – Have A Nice Day (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Dec 28, 2010’’ Maysa Moura & Anthony Garcia ft Jan Wayne – Wherever You Will Go (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Dec 25, 2010’’ Raluka,Max Zotti,Sunloverz feat. GTO – Love Will Set You Free (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Oct 26, 2010’’ Juan Magan,Marcos Rodrigues,Oscar L,Sr. Markus,Ercola & Heikki L – Sax ( Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Oct 25, 2010’’ Clubzound, Steve Angello, Afrojack & David Guetta – Louder Than Words (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

‘’Oct 20, 2010’’ Tocadisco. Antoine Clamaran & Nadia Ali – Better Run ( Dj Dilee D Bootleg)

With massive crossover support for his music from DJ’s across the House , Tech and Progressive spectrum the future looks very certain for Dilee D. Proof if it was needed that it is possible to reinvent your sound and maintain a position at the very top within the electronic music. Nominated and ranked in Cloudy House charts #1 04th March 2011 for “Rony Seikaly & Dj Sava feat. Raluka – Love You (Dj Dilee D Bootleg)” And also he was voted the most wanted Colombo TOP Dj’s chart 2010.

The world has known Dilee D as one of Sri Lankan’s most successful musician and as one of the ultimate superstars of electronic music. As an artist, DJ and producer, 2011 has already been a shining and noteworthy year for Dilee D. He has surpassed various milestones over the course of his career, He has remixed the likes Dilee D numerous accomplishments and accolades for his talents. His sensational DJ sets attract expansive crowds on every continent. Not only does he fill the world’s best known venues. Away from the world of music, Dilee D’s extracurricular exploits are without comparison. Recntly Dilee D is truly an exceptional figure.

Still, as longtime fans already know. He has never been one to rest on his laurels. Dilee D DJ/producer, who has just toured with the Experience show, has played to hundreds of fans within the Country and has been busier than ever strengthening the link between his own musical production and DJ shows.

It’s this humility and desire to interact with his fans which has helped propel Dilee D as one of the most sought after DJs in music. A far cry from the usual arrogant spinner that preaches to his crowd from on high, he has enacted a number of projects designed to get his fans as close to the man himself as possible. The DJ began “Dilee D’s Countdown,”SoundCloud monthly mixtape show that sees Dilee D highlighting his favorite new tracks by artists both known and unsigned. Keeping in line with his desire for full interaction with his audience, fans can vote on their favorite tracks each month, which determines Dilee D’s Soundcloud.

He is one of a very select group of musicians in the genre to have succeeded in creating timeless music. Without doubt he belongs to the elite of the Country’s electronic community. One only needs to look at his releases and chart history to realise this not to mention the fact that his DJ sets are in such great demand among the clubs and fans alike. He has kept both feet firmly on the ground and has never lost sight of his fans being the prime focus of his attention. As one of the most in popular Dj and producer. His mission is to share the love and connection Dance music in world.

While the producer is best known for his House classics, he has also been known to push boundaries creatively and has always been keen to switch up his musical style when the mood hits him. But there are still future classics to be made and people in the world over to be entertained. And with a master who has already proven himself time and again running the show, the legend’s career is just starting.

Dilee D is….? The word ‘accomplished’ springs to mind. Now it’s up to us to sit back and enjoy the pleasure of watching as his attitude towards music matures and develops… who knows what’s yet to come.