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Digital Talk

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Digital Talk is Julian Novski and Luc Achintre, a unique french psytrance duo.

After experimenting with different aspects of acoustic music, these two childhood friends were hooked by the 90’s techno scene. Few years later, they created the visionary band named “Droidsect”, with two other friends. In 2001, they unleashed a huge amount of unreleased tunes mostly played at underground parties in Goa, India. Later, they signed their first release with 3D Vision Records next to Skazi, Talamasca, and Total Eclipse. The project ended fast but a new kind of trance music was born….

Continuing from the previous work while adding more musical directions, Julien and Luc joined forces to create “Digital Talk” in 2002. The French duo started to play for electronic music events at every corner of the globe: from Japan to Brazil, Mexico to India, Russia to USA, and almost every country all over Europe.

Their debut album “New Age Surf” released in 2004 then shaped the darker side of the psytrance genre. The album was signed on Acidance records, a Greek label well known for its furious and eclectic psychedelic sounds.

In 2005, after a successful album release, Digital Talk joined Timecode Records compiling ‘Sonic Solutions’ featuring Shift, Azax Syndrom, Phatmatix, and others. One year later they signed on with the growing Japanese label Yabaï Records where, with an abundance of energy, they delivered a constant stream of powerful tunes like “Acid Test”, “Acrobeat” or “Trust Yours Eyes” to name a few.

In 2010 they finally come back with a second opus, “Audio Extremists”, on Hadra records. Sourcing inspiration from different energies and music they experienced while performing around the world, ‘Audio Extremists’ is the result of a long period of gathering fresh approaches to sound. These 2 masters of the art have connected these new influences and experiences with their intrinsic knowledge of studio technology, cutting-edge production techniques, and the fusion of their talent with other highly respected musicians – to create a distinctive psychedelic and hypnotic dance music.

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