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Digital Psykosis

Cincinnati, United States

Minimal, Trance

SJE Records
Digital Psykosis Beatport


Digital PsyKosis made a mark in the Midwest that is hard to forget. In less than a year, he went from playing small house parties on the OSU campus to regionally headlining events all over Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and more. Having opened for and followed countless national and international headlining acts for several years, Digital PsyKosis has become something of a household name, and even earned the respect to headline several events himself, and traveled even further outside of the Midwest confines to reach more audiences.

Native to the Cincinnati area, Digital PsyKosis serves up a unique blend of electronic beats at every event. His sets can range from dark, drum-heavy tribal and progressive to hard, floor-pounding techno. His ability to read a crowd and fuse his own blend of attitude into his sets have made him a favorite since 1999.

As partner on In the Groove Productions with fellow partner in crime Nautigroove, the duo have destroyed dance floors and thrown some of the most memorable parties the Midwest has ever seen. Now Digital PsyKosis has also teamed up with GSP Entertainment, and plans on bringing more of his eclectic style to the Midwest dance floors.

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