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Digital Bill

Strongsville, United States

Dubstep, Trap

LoveDrop Records, MalLabel Music
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Who is Digital Bill? To start off with his name is William Lennox, a 24 year old, born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He has been in the music scene for almost nine years. When he was sixteen, he found his love for music and playing out when he and a few fellow class mates started a metal band called Forlorn. This is when Bill began to learn about self promoting and led him to become involved with a well known bar called Peabody’ Down Under. After a few years, the band developed into a more mixed genre band called Dropzone. They began to bring aspects of hip hop and punk into their music. While building experience in the music scene he brought in headliners to play shows such as ICP, Kid Rock, Biohazard, Blink 182, and many more. After another year Bill decided to move onto something new.

Another friend, Jeremy Aker, who had already been making a name in the local rave scene, opened Bill’ eyes towards a more electronic aspect of music. They started a band called XSLSD. Bill and Jeremy started making their own beats with samplers. They started playing out with the samplers, a guitar, and two lead vocals. Jeremy’s girlfriend, Liz, was soon added to the band as a vocalist. They moved into a house together and a few new members were brought in, adding turntables and drums. Bill began to find it hard to move forward working with others due to the conflicting opinions about new material. He decided to start over, which led him to play out on his own doing Live P.A.

Bill began playing out at local parties yet ran into a dilemma when his sample disk was erased a week before a booking. After only a week of learning how to throw down records by his friend Ernie who had years of experience with turntables. Bill was assured by Ernie that he was ready because he had grasped in a week what others could not grasp in months. He played the show spinning and this is how Bill became a local Cleveland DJ. Many bookings started to come in and Bill felt he had finally found the perfect way to make a name for himself. After a year of spinning out he was put to the test in a battle known as Judgment Night, held a Peabody’s Down Under. This was unlike other weekly battles thrown at Peabody’ because this contest depended on five judges instead of the applause given, which normally decided who was a finalist. Bill had taken over the crowd by throwing down a house set which ended with jungle. When the set changed the crowd went wild and Bill walked away with $300 and the opportunity to open up for Bad Boy Bill.

Bill put out his first demo called “Year of the Machine”, followed by a mass frenzy of self promotion across the country. Since then Bill has played with Richard Humpty Vision, Bad Boy Bill, D:Fuse, Michael Myers, Dr. Trance, OS/2, DJ Assault, Dave Aude, Robbie Hardkiss, and the list goes on. He has also played bookings in four other states. He had thought he found what he was meant to do by DJing until he became interested in producing his own music. He has hit the top ten on Broadjam in several categories with his first finished song called "Oceans”. He has put out a number of other tracks that are also moving up the charts. Today Bill spends most of his time in the studio working on new material, and he is currently involved in putting on a weekly show at Metropolis every Thursday night. His production company, Bloodline Entertainment has been a main part of this weekly. Bloodline is also in the process of putting out a new clothing line. This is how Bill has developed a name for himself in the rave scene. Bill’s experience throughout his music career has become a foundation for what he is doing today. Though Bill hasn’t been spinning for nine years, his background in the music has allowed him to greatly progress as a DJ in just under two years.