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DJ Dig-Dug is the most renowned breakbeat DJ/Producer to ever come out of the Northwest. From the purchase of his first set of turntables in 1995, Doug has been converting the most skeptical onlookers into avid fans of the genre.

Known for his incredible track selection and polished technical skills, DJ Dig-Dug has managed to develop an undeniably unique style. While his sets often travel through several different types of breaks (Funky, Progressive, Dark), his underlying theme of warped basslines and intelligent drum loops brings a sense of unity to his signature sound. With his impressive beat juggling, cross-fader cutting, and creative but tasteful use of the Pioneer DJM-600’s onboard effects, DJ Dig-Dug has developed a following based on skills, not hype.

For over 5 years, DJ Dig-Dug has been a resident DJ for the Northwest’s largest electronic music event production company, USC Events. Only DJ Taj (SF) has been on the roster longer. Groovetech.com also recognized his talent, and offered him a weekly online residency that he held for over 2 years.

The roots of Doug’s production experience can be traced back to his time spent in Florida in early 1998. While there he attended the Winter Music Conference and studied electronic music production under Defcon 6 (aka DJ Hipp-e and Red Void). ). Together, the three produced “Innerscape", a breakbeat track later released on the Miami-based label, Platinum Groove Entertainment. Doug was addicted to this fusion of music and technology, and later completed an intense Audio Engineering program at Ex’pression Center for New Media in Emeryville, California. Armed with his degree, a Macintosh G4, and a Pro Tools Rig – DJ Dig-Dug now composes, engineers, and masters all of his self-produced work in his personal studio in Seattle, WA.

In 2002 Doug began a side project with fellow DJ and friend, Sir Kutz. The duo, known as The Bass-Sick Boyz, has an unequalled arsenal of rare speed garage records. Their energetic tag-team and 2 by 4 DJ sets have been the taking the West Coast by storm. Performing in black business suits, the two treat every performance like a special occasion.

After 8+ years, DJ Dig-Dug continues to turn heads in the music industry with his growing allegiance of fans and countless performances alongside internationally renowned artists. His latest track, “Crowd Control” featuring lyrics by DJ Swamp is further proof that his extensive technical training and creative ideas set him apart from the rest.