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The real heavyweight house DJ from Finland! Diffas plays mostly house music with some little twists of disco and funk, groovy basslines with smooth mixing.

Diffás aka Martin Luts was born and raised in Tartu, Estonia 1981. At the age of 12 he moved to Finland. Martin was interested seriously in techno music around 1994. Started recording tracks off from the radio and learned mixing them with c-cassete-player. After buying his first mixer and turntables on 97 he seriously started playing records and is active to this day.

He is member of Millennium and Rave Against Drugs -organisation and is teamed up with Chicago Lounge fellows and ran few own weekly/monthly clubs: Flavor and Kandy (with dj Cobalt). He also reached up to the final Top 6 on Finnish Dj-championship on the summer of 2006 and is also produced some tracks and remixes as DLM vs. Diffas-alias and is the the half of the Bay City Stompers.

See http://beatsy.co/artists/diffas-1 for bookings.