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Diem’s love of music has been apparent from the time she learned to walk. Music was always heard playing around her, especially after she moved to the mainland from Guam at 8 years old. Soon after, music began to affect her feet and forcing them to dance around, often times alone in her bedroom. Upon going to college in Washington, she discovered the “Dance Club” and hasn’t stopped seeking out tasty beats to groove to and dance to ever since.

During the Winter of 2000, she happened upon a DJ named Valerie. Valerie had a “Vibe Tribe”. Awestruck by the energy, the beats, the costumes, the performance, and especially the fact that Valerie was a girl DJ, she quickly became a faithful fan. Even more quickly thereafter, Diem joined Valerie and The Vibe Tribe’ as one of Valerie’s Tribe performers.

Traveling with the troupe and dragging her stilts, fire fingers, and personally handcrafted costumes around, she performed along side Sasha, Digweed, Donald Glaude, Grant Plant, Garbage, and Christopher Lawrence. The music became even more of an integral part of her life. From performing in San Diego to Las Vegas, for the likes of Red, Spundae, Orange Show, and even being residents at Giant, it was only a matter of time before Diem put down her fire fingers to pick up headphones.

Over a year ago, Diem did finally pick up those headphones and something amazing happened. This time it was totally different from all the other times she’d picked them up, this time something “clicked” and made sense to her. Suddenly the interest in spinning became serious. Practicing furiously in her kitchen, she recently landed her first regular gig and “night” at Bobby McGee’s in Brea, California. There she commands the decks exclusively and named her night “Toast”.

Though her style is ever changing and still evolving, and really depends on her mood at the moment, Diem leans toward deep house and club grooves with a funky disco edge. And with the experiences she’s already had in the last 10 years within the electronica community, we look forward to seeing what she’ll surprise us with next!