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Born in Buenos Aires ,he was first interested in dance music when he was around 11 years old.Disco & funk were his first influences.

He started to spin underground dance styles round the mid eighties.

Since then,Diego played in every underground place, gig or party that has been made in Argentina.

He introduced, played and promote in Buenos Aires various house and tecno styles in different clubs.Industrial, dark,EBM, acid, funk, retro, disco, garage,minimal,electro,and breaks aswell,were used and showed by Diego through his 20 year Dj career.This was mainly for that kind of people that is always looking for innovating sounds,

Because of the many influences, with fine taste when selecting and energizing latin way of spinning, is impossible for him to stick to one genre…

Diego travels through almost every electronic dance style ,with the enough versatility to play housey or booming music,depending the club mood,he builds a special kind of set that defines his open minded style.From de deepest, darkest styles to the funky rocking ones.

Because of his skills he was named as the “Maradona of Djs” in 1998 , by the biggest selling newspaper from argentina " Clarin".

He’s been spinning in Europe and USA since 1993 and played in Argentina and all over the world with top Dj’s.

Booked by the biggest dance companies worldwide such as Cocoon(ger), Cream (UK) or Ministry of Sound (uk),playing in the best clubs (Amnesia(ibz),Pacha(ibz/bs as),Space(ibz),Privilege(ibz),Dc10 (ibz),Moog(bcn),,Cocoon(ibz/fra),First Ave (minn),Crobar (chi/bs as),Nikky Beach (mia), etc.

Various independent labels as POP ART and KSK had Diego’s productions in their catalogues,The remixes he did for the major pop/rock bands from argentina,(Babasonicos,Ratones Paranoicos,Catupecu Machu,Los Twist) gave him a special respect among the local rockers…

Touring constantly through all Argentina, South America and worldwide.

Promotes and produces his own gigs called RO-K.COM.The idea of this parties is to show only vanguard or cult artists.Djs like Vitalic (gigolo/citizen) , Abbe Duque , Woody “Esp” Mcbride , Blake Baxter (Tresor), Jeff Bennet and Justin Harris(MFF), played in this gigs.

Since 2005 ,Diego is hosting his Ro-k.Com parties and a weekly night in Buenos Aires club Bahrein , named “Wacha”.

This is the best midweek underground choice in Buenos Aires city .Djs like Superpitcher, Kompakt owner Michael MAyer,Sci9,Oliver Hutemann,Florian Meindle,Tigerskin ,Andre GAlluzzi,Tom Pooks or Esp , played along others.

Summer 2008 will find Diego playing for the first time in Russia and the usual Barcelona and Ibiza gigs.

Cocoon South American Resident since 2007 ,Diego will play at the main club in Frankfurt along with Sven Vath and in all Cocoon Gigs in Buenos Aires.

As D+D (with Diego Cid)they launched their first single in 1995 called Diskobabydisko, an independent production with collaborations by local artist, like Dr Trincado and Leonel Castillo ,aka Boeing.They mixed and produced several djs and local bands and collaborate in different radio,art,magazines music compilations.

A single was out in 2003 by Luxury Grooves (spain),with Jr LOpez in additional production.They were the first electronic artists to sign a record deal with a major label EMI/VIRGIN.Back in 2008 with a new Album for Music Brokers Records, called “Curativo”.Some singles will also be available in the Usa and worldwide by legendary Communique Records in Beatport.