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Diego Abaribi

Brescia, Italy

Electro House, Progressive House

Diego Abaribi Beatport


Diego Abaribi is one of the Premier producers in Italy in the European dance/pop genre. Among his early 90’s top 10 charting productions are “Make It Right Now” and “Brothers In The Space” released under the pseudonym Aladino on Time Records. “Brothers In The Space” was released with similar success in France, Spain, Germany and Japan and went on to sell 500,000 singles.In 1995/96 Diego was awarded with a platinum records in UK as co- writer of "Don’t Stop? by The Outhere Brothers, which had combined sales of 1,200,000 copies all around the world.

In 2003 Diego produced “Plummet” which charted top 4 in the United Kingdom. Diego also owns and runs one of the hottest European record labels- Melodica (Tambour Records), and with his uncanny talent for spotting a hit, he immediately signed artists such as Outwork, The Cube Guys and more recently Ben DJ to the Tambour labelDiego is currently working on numerous remixes and his forthcoming single is due in October, with his unique style & know how in blending a great tune with the latest elektro and progressive sounds. A recipe that hasn’t failed him yet. Watch this space.!!