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Diddy Mac

Wigan, United Kingdom

Electro House

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DJ Diddy Mac got the DJing bug at a very early age and started on the wheels of steel at his local youth club at the age of 11 using his step-dads equipment. Seeing his potential, his step-dad involved him in the family mobile DJing business. From the age of 14 Diddy started hanging out in Soundwave Records in Wigan and when soundwave closed he managed to get a job in Power Records (set up by the old staff of Soundwave). This gave Diddy time to practice his skills on the Decks and access to as much Vinyl as he wanted. Whilst working in the shop Diddy got talking to one customer who explained he had just started DJing at Gatecrasher and this conversation proved to Diddy that a lad from Wigan can make it to the big time! (If you ever read this, thanks for keeping my dream alive Eddie Halliwell).

At 14 Diddy got his first unpaid residency at Wigan’s legendary underground club The Turnkey, a position he held December 1999 when a disagreement with new management made Diddy pack up his record box for the last time. The Turnkey closed in 2000 (unrelated???). After the Turnkey Diddy set up his own night (The Vibe) with close friend Damo at Riks Bar in Wigan and due to this got the Friday and Saturday night residency, which he held until 2005. Due to the birth of his first daughter, Diddy quit DJing at Riks bar in 2005 and took a 3 year break. In 2008 an old mate from the Turnkey, Kev, needed cover for his slots at Madisons, a busy venue on Wigans clubbing strip King Street. Kev turned to Diddy and Diddy once again caught the DJing bug! Kev went on to use Diddy on several occasions and it was Kevs decision to retire in October 2009 that give Diddy the excuse he needed to come out of DJing retirement. Since then Diddy has helped Madisons to be the busiest it has ever been, turning it from a bar playing chart, rnb and funk into Wigans first venue to play Electro, a move which has seen other Wigan venues follow suit.

In the summer of 2011 Diddy started his own show on “Electro Metro” airs every Wednesday from 8pm

2012 has seen Diddy jet off on his first oversea’s tour with gigs in Belfast & Dublin with more to come!